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1   Link   JHR International
Our inspired web design guru, who makes all of this stuff look easy! Jason has set up this great website for us and enabled us to update it on the move, with minimal bandwidth (which will be handy in run-down central Asian internet cafes!)
2   Link   Overland Cruisers
Julian Voelker is a hugely experienced Land Cruiser enthusiast who has been instrumental in ensuring that our truck is fully prepared and kitted out for everything that it may face with us over the coming year.
3   Link   Outback Imports
Chris has been hugely helpful assisting us in acquiring some of the specialist overlanding equipment (as cheaply and as quickly as possible!) that we need to get fitted to the car before we leave.
4   Link   Overlanders' Handbook
Groundbreaking new guide to overlanding due out later this year. Especially the Asia sections...
5   Link   Community Based Tourism, Kyrgyzstan
Well-run, friendly and progressive eco-tourism organisation offering homestays, guiding and trekking in Kyrgyzstan.
6   Link   Hindu Kush Trails
The experts at organising trips and expeditions in Pakistan. Ask for Murad, our fantastic, fun-filled guide in northern Pakistan.
7   Link   Banchte Sheka
Extraordinary charitable organisation founded and run for 34 years by Asian Nobel Prize winner Angela Gomes, supporting underprivileged women in Bangladesh.
8   Link   Irrawaddy news magazine
One of the very few uncensored and unbiased news outputs focussing on Burma & Southeast Asia. Excellent reading.
9   Link   Mines Advisory Group (MAG)
UK based organisation that has been studiously clearing UXO from Laos and 34 other previous conflict zones since 1989. Co-laureate of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize.
10   Link   Champasak Spa
Refined and relaxing French-run spa in Champasak, Laos, being run as a long term training and employment project for unemployed villagers.
11   Link   The Apsara Rive Droit
Simply the only hotel one should consider staying in in SE Asia.
12   Link   The Aga Khan Foundation
Possibly the most widespread, progressive, intelligent and effective philanthropic organisation that we've come across on our trip.
13   Link   Fairfield Bakery and Guesthouse
Mark and Gillian Newham, an English couple, have been running this wonderful guesthouse and bakery for 15 years, making a huge difference to the local economy by providing much needed year-round employment.
14   Link   Tunga's Ger and Guesthouse
Tunga and her husband provide welcome hospitality and insights into Mongolian life and culture - plus Tunga speaks English!
15   Link   NAVO Tours
Anyone who has tried to drive a foreign car in China will tell you how hard it is - before you even get there! The level of bureaucracy is stratosperic, the availability of information minimal, but so far this company has been a beacon of transparency and efficiency amongst the chaos.
16   Link   RAC Carnets
A Carnet de Passage is essential when driving your own vehicle outside of Europe. These (expensive) documents enable you to avoid paying import duty at the border of each country you enter. The RAC's Paul Gowan is the man to speak to - one of the most helpful and knowledgeable people we have come across during our preparation.
17   Link   The Top 100 Travel Blog Sites
A varied selection of travel blogs - some better than others!