So why are we doing this?

Charity – no, we’re not doing this for charity!  This expedition is purely and unashamedly for fun; to take some much needed time out from London; to do something constructive and informative while the recession takes its toll on the UK; for Charlie, to enjoy that gap year he never took 12 years ago; for Nina on her second gap year, 10 years on; any number of reasons really.

In fairness, another reason why this is not for charity lies in the fact that all of our friends and family were so incredibly generous in 2008, when we were raising money for charity by undertaking a not quite so mammoth trip, but on two legs not four wheels.  

If you’d like to see more information on this other little adventure and perhaps donate a little of your hard-earned cash to the Foundation that Charlie set up in memory of his adored brother Sacha who tragically died of cancer in July 2007, then please do so here: http://www.sachaborthwickfoundation.co.uk/.  Please don’t feel obliged to, but if you’d like to, it would of course be much appreciated.


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